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Bad Credit Home Loans

At California Mortgage we don't automatically rule out a Bad Credit Home Loan application just because someone's credit history has a few blemishes. Bad Credit Home Loans do exist. The myth that only people with excellent credit can get home loans is exactly that, a myth. Loans are given to people with all types of credit. The better your credit the better interest rate you will receive on your loans, but that doesn't mean that Bad Credit Home Loans are not made available to people with undesirable credit.

We specialize in Bad Credit Home Loans and past bad credit problems with low 500 fico scores. Discuss your bad credit history with our loan consultants who specialize in bad credit home loans. We provide higher loan to values for Bad Credit Home Loans . If you have major credit problems we can still customize a Bad Credit Home Loan . If you have bankruptcy, repossessions, charge off's, and mortgages late payments we are here to help.

We're the nation's top mortgage company for people in need of Bad Credit Home Loans . In the 28 years we've been in business, we've helped hundreds of thousands of people. With less-than-perfect credit other companies may turn you down for a Bad Credit Home Loan. But we'll work hard to get you the money you need. Regardless of your credit history, we have a solution with a Bad Credit Home Loan that works for you. Find the Bad Credit Home Loan that helps you rebuild your credit, and consolidate debt. You can trust that we will work hard to find the best solution for your unique needs.

If you're not even filling out Bad Credit Home Loan applications anymore because you know you have bad credit with too many scores against you, but you're still looking because you have a dream, we can help! There is hope. Things happen in life: layoffs, illness in the family, unplanned emergencies that can have repercussions on one's credit report. In view of the fact that no one is perfect, we work hard to help each individual attain his or her goal. The majority of people who have difficulty getting approved do not have to give up their dream home. Consolidating your problem debts into a Bad Credit Home Loan does not have to go by the wayside. We're glad that you persisted in your searches and found us.

Whatever your financial needs are, we can find a home loan for you.

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