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Duplex Financing

For over 30 years, Ocean Pacific Capital has helped its clients obtain the best financing for duplex residential loans. Duplexes (2-unit properties) are zoned R-2 and usually attached. Ocean Pacific Capital will finance up to 80% of the value of a duplex (2-unit) residential unit. Our experience in this industry and access to over a hundred different lenders allow us to help our clients qualify for duplex financing or any other real estate loan programs. We provide duplex financing whether it is an owner occupied or non-owner occupied property. Whether you are looking for a refinance or purchase duplex financing, we can help you the right loan. While limitations for basic nationwide mortgage for a duplex unit may vary between the locations of the property, our residential loan specialists can help. For more information, contact out residential loan specialist today to see how we can help with your duplex financing!

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