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Home Improvement Loan

If you are running out of room in your current home and don't want to move, right now is the best time to consider adding on. If you start planning now, with a new Home Improvement Loan, you could have a new family room, bedroom or kitchen by summer. in your new gazebo! Plan your new garage! Add a storage shed to your backyard build your own picnic table! Planning takes time and includes lots of mundane tasks such as getting permits and financing with a Home Improvement Loan. But the benefits are immeasurable both in time and money saved.

An important thing to remember is that 80 percent of your home improvement budget should be counted on being spent. 20 Percent should be kept in reserve for various obstacles such as changes in design, feuding, and inclimate weather.

TThe first step is to fill out our basic information request form below then one of our friendly and experienced loan officers will contact you within the hour. We can then set an appointment to meet in person to present an application package to you, or we can send you an application in the mail. Your application will be processed the same day it is received. You will receive your funds from the home improvement loan just three days from the closing date.

If you are remodeling or doing major home improvements that require a larger loan amount, long term fixed rate payments can make your loan easier to pay off over an extended period of time.

If you only want to borrow relatively small amounts, and pay off the loan quickly, a line of credit can provide more flexibility with the convenience of withdrawing money in variable amounts as needed. However, credit lines have adjustable rates, with the potential of increasing over time.

Lenders typically place no restrictions on your home improvement projects, as long as they are within the boundaries of your local building requirements. Depending on the scope of the job, you typically have the choice of doing the improvement work yourself, or using a contractor.

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